Imagine yourself in a workshop, where the greatest thinkers of all time are your teachers.

Imagine Buddha, Lao Tzu, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, Sigmund Freud, Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Bertrand Russell, Ralph Waldo Emerson and many more luminaries gently guiding you into transforming your life in the way you always wanted.

What a thought! is such a workshop. It comprises 21 powerful thoughts, elaborated to help you understand, and benefit from, the wisdom and insights from the world's most respected thinkers. You'll be delighted to find that, irrespective of when and where it was expressed, each idea featured in the book has the ability to raise you to a higher plane of thought and action.

What a thought! is a rare opportunity to learn from those we admire the most and whose lives are an example for everyone.

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Salient features

  • Based on the thoughts of 21 of the most celebrated thinkers of all time
  • High quality printing for a rich reading experience.
  • Extensively researched with generous sprinkling of true stories and anecdotes throughout the book
  • Beautifully designed and illustrated with high resolution pictures of flowers that symbolise each thought featured


  • This book is a modern day Gita to be preserved by your bedside and delved into in times of turbulence.

    Bhawana Somaaya

    Author & Critic
  • I found it to be simple yet profound. It will be useful for a wide audience be it leaders, professionals or youngsters in their journey through life.

    Deepak Parekh

    Chairman, HDFC Ltd
  • Thoughts are forces; thoughts have power; thoughts can shape our lives...What A Thought! is well worth a good reading.

    Dada J P Vaswani

    Spiritual leader
  • Reflecting and contemplating on each of these quotes could give the much needed impetus to the process of change stimulated in therapy.

    Dr. Minnu Bhonsle Ph.D

    Consulting Psychotherapist
  • Every quote motivates... Manoj tends to the garden of life.

    Dia Mirza

    Actor, Producer, Miss Asia Pacific 2000
Manoj Khatri

Manoj Khatri

About the Author

Writer, editor, publisher, entrepreneur...

Manoj Khatri likes to call himself an eternal soul disguised, among many things, as a writer. He is the author of more than 1,000 published articles—on business management, philosophy and everything in between. He is a certified counsellor and has addressed thousands of students and parents on exam-stress in public seminars.
Manoj is the award-winning Editor and Publisher of Complete Wellbeing.

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